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If I am new how do I book a appointment?

The best way to inquire about a appointment is to fill out the "New client' form on the site. It will be reviewed and you will be paired with the best stylist to fit your needs if applicable.

What are your hours?

We will answer all inquires during business hours only. Wednesday-Friday 10am-5pm Saturday 8am-2pm. Please note we are closed for business Sunday - Tuesday. We do offer premium hour appointments when applicable. 

What is your cancellation/late policy?

You will not be charged if you cancel at least 48 hours before your appointment starts. Otherwise, you will be charged 75% of service price for late cancellations and 100%for no shows. LATE POLICY: $10 late fee if 10 minutes late. If late subject to reschedule and/or cancellation along with late fee.

How long does my hair have to be for any styling service?
Currently Veena B salon doesn’t style hair shorter than 5inches all the way around for any service. For most people that is shoulder length. 


How much will my service cost?

Each service has a starting price. Once your arrive for your appointment the first time you will discuss with your stylist what your cost will be. To view our starting pricing please review the services tab. People tend to spend between $75 - $150 for the first appointment. And between $650 - $1200 for extension services. 

What is the best way to book an appointment?
If this is your first time we recommend submitting a appointment request on the homepage to schedule an appointment. Existing clients we recommend you schedule your appointment when you check out

Whats the difference between a Blow out and Silkpress?
For a blowout your hair is washed, conditioned and blowdried.
A silkpress allows your natural textured hair to transform to straight, silky soft hair. Your hair is washed, conditioned and blow dried( blow out) then the hair is pressed using silken flatirons creating a straight look then styled.

How long does my silkpress last?
If the hair is healthy and properly maintained at home it can last between 8-14 days. If the hair comes into contact with moisture, humidity or sweat it will begin to revert to its natural curl.

Do I need a consultation for extensions/ color/ chemical services?
Yes if this is your first time with us. For extensions and chemical services fill out the "New client"  request form" . We have to thoroughly look into the hair to make sure you are a candidate for the service.

Do you service children?
No, we currently service adult clientele. We service young adults starting age of 14 years old. We strive to create a relaxed atmosphere.

Do Microlinks have to be flat ironed?
Yes , the initial install hair must be flat ironed. If applicable you may try flexirods. 

Can microlinks be installed on relaxed hair?
No . This technique works best with natural hair.

Difference between microlinks (beaded weft) and SLT?
The main difference. Microlinks only use bead and weft for the install and can be tightened after 4-6 weeks. SLT uses bead and weft along with sewing. only 3-4 rows are installed and cannot be retightened.

Do you accept walkins?
If you are looking for same day appointments we encourage you to email to inquire about availability first thing in the morning.  

Can I come in with my hair already washed and blowdried?
No, we only offer full service appointments

Can I bring my own products for the stylist to use on my hair?
No, we only use salon professional grade products that provide optimal results.

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